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We are proudly presenting you our candidate for the 2018-2019 Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe: Matic GermovÅ¡ek Matic: “I am representing YEN in the current Advisory Council mandate and would like to continue with the good work that we have started in this mandate, where I am responsible for the Roma […]

We need your help! We’re very sorry to tell you that YEN has massive financial problems ever since Matic (Convenor for Minority Rights and Politics) accidentally bought the most expensive first class ticket for his flight to this year’s Easter Seminar. To still be able to organise all our wonderful events, most particularly the coming […]

At the official opening of the Kick-Off Seminar in Trst, Italy in February, we were lucky to enjoy the interesting speech of Ksenija Dobrila, a representative of the Slovene minority in Italy. The speech gives a very good picture of the situation of the Slovenes in Italy, thus we share it with you here. Enjoy! […]

Minorities in Europe won a victory against the European Commission! The EU court judged that the Commission has to clearly define why they rejected the MSPI. Congratualtions to the citizens committee and the  Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN). You can read more about the initiative here: Minority SafePack Initiative  

YEN-MAN visited the city of Daruvar, where he was the guest of the Czech minority. This proved to be a very warm welcome, because our hero met with lots of important people: representatives of the Czech National Council, the Czech Union, the weekly Czech paper of Croatia (‘Jednota’), Radio ‘Daruvar’ and even Czech representatives of […]