Strawberry Tiramisu from South Tyrol

As the days get warmer and summer has arrived to Europe, what could be better than some fresh, fruity and creamy dessert? From the Alps in the South Tyrol the German minority has shared with us their recipe for a strawberry tiramisu.



160g quark

160g natural yoghurt

1 pack of vanilla sugar

juice of ½ lemon

70g icing sugar

150ml cream

160g strawberries, sliced

200ml cloudy apple juice

1 pack of ladyfingers

100g strawberries to garnish


First, use a tablespoon to press the quark through a sieve and into a bowl. In another bowl combine yoghurt, vanilla sugar, lemon juice and icing sugar, stir in quark and mix lightly until the mixture is smooth. Beat the cream until thickened. Mix the cream together with the sliced strawberries and stir it into the quark-yoghurt mixture. Dip the ladyfingers briefly in the cloudy apple juice and arrange them on the bottom of a soufflé dish. Cover the layer of ladyfingers with some quark-yoghurt mixture. Repeat this layering process two more times. Finally, top the dessert with fresh sliced strawberries and leave it to cool before serving.

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