What’s going on in Carinthia, Austria?

Source: FUEN www.fuen.org

The reform of the Carinthian state constitution, which is one of the key priorities of the Carinthian state government consisting of the three coalition parties (SPÖ: Social Democrats – Prime Minister Kaiser, ÖVP: Conservatives – state party leader and Minister of Economy and Culture Benger, Die Grünen: Greens – Minister Rolf Holub) is drawing public attention now.

The coalition had agreed that in the new state constitution also the Slovenian minority would be included, stating literally that: ”Enshrining the Slovenian minority in the new Carinthian state constitution would be a clear step forward and would have a positive impact well beyond the borders of Carinthia. Language and culture, traditions and cultural heritage must be respected, protected and promoted. It is the duty of the state and the municipalities to have equal regards for its German- and Slovenian-speaking citizens. 

It is from this agreement that the Carinthian Conservatives (ÖVP) have now withdrawn. This has deeply shocked the members of the Slovenian minority, especially because it constitutes a denial of historical circumstances and would be a step back to the minority policy of the last century.

As YEN we are expressing our strong support to the Slovenian Minority and CALL for the recognition of its rights in the regional constitution! Its unbelievable that political parties in Carinthia, Austria argue again, whether the Slovenian Minority should be part of the regional constitution or not. WE CAN NOT believe how this can even be questioned as every single person in a society should have the same rights – regardless of ethnic, national or cultural background.