Sochi Summer camp calling ! – Visiting the Youth Council of the Germans in Russia

This summer we followed the invitation of the Youth Council of the Germans in Russia (JdR), to participate in their summer camp. Roman Roblek (Chair of the YLC) and Paul Preisig joined the event from 16.-24. of August 2015 and travelled to the place of the latest Olympic Games, Sochi, right at the Black Sea.
The goal of this year’s summer camp of the Russian Germans was to odder the participants a qualitatively high German- course and to introduce them to their international partner organisations. But also getting to know one another played an important role in the camp.

It was around 90 young people joining the camp. Joining German courses before midday depending on the Level of language knowledge, they were divided into different groups. In the afternoon’s workshops around different topics, namely: presentation, radio, fashion etc. were offered, while the evening was filled with further programme. The participants could reflect the day in the cosy atmosphere of candle light.
On Wednesday the 19th of August, the European day, the partner organisations of JdR got the opportunity to present themselves.
The presentation of YEN on this European day was successful, since 80% of the participants heard about us for the first time and were impressed by our work. In our conversations with JdR we could also think about common future projects.

Thanks a lot to JdR for your invitation and we hope to see you soon with young and motivated new faces in our upcoming seminars!