Easter Seminar 2014 in Opole/Oppeln, Poland

Throughout this year’s Easter Seminar YEN and its member organizations have all reason to celebrate. The 30-year anniversary since its founding has been celebrated during the Easter Seminar, YENs most important annual event, in Opole (PL).

From the 12th to the 18th of April not only YEN and its member organizations but also former YEN’ies stayed in Sporthotel Tenis to share knowledge and experiences. The Easter Seminar with about 80 international participants was organized by BJDM (Bund der Jugend der deutschen Minderheit)

The official opening was held in the “Marschallamt” in Opole and was followed by official delegates of the German minority and other guests. Furthermore BJDM organized five interesting workshops with the topics: “motivation for speaking in German as a minority language”, “how to represent your minority organization in the public press”, “photography” and “minority rights”. In the last workshop the participants and working group members discussed and worked on the whitepaper. The common goal of all workshops is to share knowledge about the different topics and to enable the participants to solve problems in their minority organizations.

The new board is composed of Matic Germovšek (President), Petra Törteli (Vice president for the office), Stere Stamule (Vice president of finances), Konstantin Vlašić (Convenor for Politics) and Rejzka Lipičec (Convenor for Communication).

With this, the board of YEN for the most part was new established and is ready for a successful future. The stay in Poland was concluded by excursion either to the city of Opole, for a guided tour, or to Lamsdorf for a visit in a former concentration camp. Moreover the participants of the seminar had the possibility to enrich their experiences with the culinary specialties of the polish cuisine.

We thank BJDM very much for a successful Easter Seminar 2014!