Think United! Resource Collection

This collection of materials was created during YEN´s Digital Autumn “Think United” 2020-2021. Here you can find a selection of books, documentaries, movies, reports, manuals and TED Talks focussing among others on topics such as: anti-discrimination, racism, migration, minorities, identity, inclusion or intersectionality. It is time to Think United!

Find the full version of Resource Collection here.



We have collected 33 documantaries in total which deal with the topics of identity, racism, discrimination and much more. You can find the whole list of the documentaries here.

Curious? Here is an example.

Shashamane (2016)

Shashamane is a documentary which tells about an earthly utopia set in Ethiopia and the unique experience of Caribbean, American and British Rastafari who made the journey to their roots. Shot in London, Kingston and Shashamane, this film explores the legacies of colonial slavery and offers an outstanding testimony of the joy and the pain of returning back to Africa.







You can watch the trailer here.



Looking something to watch that is entertaining but still addresses important issues?  You can find the whole list of the movies here.

Here is an example about diversity, migration or breaking stereotypes.

Patagonia (2010)

Argentinean government invites Welsh communities to settle and work in Argentina. Many people agree to migrate there due to poverty in Wales and due to the fact that they would be allowed to speak Welsh language there freely. The movies helps to question the refugee phenomenon from a different context.










You can watch the trailer here.



If you really want to dive deep into a topic ….  Here is a  whole list of the inspiring and insteresting books.

Here is an example.

The Kashubs, Pomerania and Gdańsk, Józef Borzyszkowski (2005)

The book provides a concrete data and a historical background about Kashubs, Pomerania and Gdanks.













4.Reports and Manuals

If you want to get specific expertise and find out how different political bodies sees an issue or get practical information for your next activity, have a look at the reports and manuals. You can find the whole list of the reports and manuals  here.

Here is one example on minority issues:

Report of the Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues on the significance and scope of the four categories of minorities, UN OHCHR (2020)

UN Report on the effective promotion of the Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities.







You can read it here.



5.TED Talks

If you want to learn something new, but have no energy to read a whole report and you only have about 10-20 minutes, listen to a TED talk. You can find the whole list of the TED talks  here.

Here is an example.

Romani or Gypsies? (2019)

What come to your mind when hearing of the word “Gypsies”? People might have different point of views toward this word. From the past to present, Romani people have struggles on attaching to the society. Dijana Pavlović, as an actress and activist for Roma rights, shares with us how the Roma are (dis)connected by her personal experience and how we can create a more diverse as well as multi-cultural world in the future.







You can watch here.