Youth of European Nationalities


Jugend Europäischer Volksgruppen

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Humans of YEN

Humans of YEN - Diana‏

Hi, my name is Diana and I'm a Burgenland Croat from Austria! Through the past two years I have established great and important friendships through YEN, which have continued until now. The cultural exchange between the minorities and the…

HUMANS OF YEN - Kristin Heelemann

Witaj, I am Kristin Heelemann and I’m a Sorb from Germany. I think that youth participation is important for my own and other minorities because the search for your own identity plays a big role here, especially for young people. By organising…


Call FOR VIDEOS: "Camera Obscura numerus minor" Dear Members! We are looking for creative producers who want to participate in the video project „Camera obscura numerus minor“. The project is made possible by the Minority Commissioner…

Mission: visit of the Czech minority in Daruvar (Croatia)

YEN-MAN visited the city of Daruvar, where he was the guest of the Czech minority. This proved to be a very warm welcome, because our hero met with lots of important people: representatives of the Czech National Council, the Czech Union, the…