Youth of European Nationalities


Jugend Europäischer Volksgruppen

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Humans of YEN

Humans of YEN - Neel Klappe

Why I like YEN events and youth exchanges : Being on an exchange always creates a  connection between people. To spend such an intensive week together, working on a common goal, all far away from home. There are very few opportunities to meet…

Humans of YEN - Marina Turshatova

Marina Turshatova, Russlanddeutsche from Germany, tells us about her experiences at the Diversity Festival in Moscow: The moment I heard about the Diversity Festival in Moscow, I immediately wanted to pack my bags. I absolutely wanted to…

What's going on in Carinthia, Austria?

Source: FUEN www.fuen.org The reform of the Carinthian state constitution, which is one of the key priorities of the Carinthian state government consisting of the three coalition parties (SPÖ: Social Democrats – Prime Minister Kaiser,…

A journey through Gagauzia

Hello everyone and warm greetings from the very heart of Berlin! The last month I have done an internship at the office of YEN in Berlin and I am so glad about it. This was an exceptional opportunity not only to know the people, who are working…