CroV – Udruga hrvatske omladine u Vojvodini / Croatian Youth Organization in Vojvodina


address: Bele Gabrića 21

place: 24000 Subotica

phone: +381 60 0687546




CroV is the only NGO for young Croats that exists in Serbia. The organisation’s seat is in Subotica, with a branch in Petrovaradin (a village near Novi Sad). The organisation has a good cooperation with Croat culture centres in the surrounding villages. CroV was established in 2001, and now it has about 200 members.
The main activities of CroV are youth education, task force meetings for students of journalism from all over Europe with a focus on the issue of minority journalism. Apart from these CroV organises manifestations and celebration for the Croat minority, it is making short documentary movies, etcetera.
CroV is at the beginning of its development, because Croats in Vojvodina are a “new” minority. The development is very slow because we don’t get any funds from neither Serbia, nor from Croatia. In five years the organisation will have changed a lot, we will have established sure sources of financing, and as a result of that we will have much more and bigger activities.


The Croats became a minority in Serbia just a few years ago, after the civil war in Yugoslavia in the early ’90. Within the Croat minority there are small linguistic differences, called Bunjevci and Shokci. In Subotica and in its surrounding villages 20 000 Croats are living. It is not known exactly how many Croats live in Vojvodina in total. Most Croats in Vojvodina live in the two towns of Subotica and Sombor, and in villages near the Croatian border.