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Beef with horseradish sauce from the Lusation Sorbs

For 4 persons   Ingredients cooked beef 1 kilogram beef (optimal: marbled with fat) Celery Carrots Onions 1 1/2 litres of water 1 bay leaf 1 carnation 2 grains of allspice   Ingredients horseradish sauce 100g butter 50g flour 0,5l beef broth 2 eggs 100ml milk 100 to 200g fresh horseradish (depending on the desired […]

Orehova Potica – walnut roulade from the Slovene minority in Italy

OREHOVA POTICA Orehova potica (Walnut Roll) is the queen of the traditional slovenian cakes, prepared with light brioche dough and filled with a tasty walnut filling. It’s typical of the area of Kras/Carso – the area between Trst/Trieste and Gorica/Gorizia in northeastern Italy, but it’s also considered a national treasure in Slovenia. It’s traditionally eaten on holidays, like Easter, […]

Plain in Pigna by the Rhaeto-Romans in Switzerland

Are you looking for a new dish to try out? Well then this is it! Our Rumantsch member organisation GiuRu from Switzerland has shared with us their delicious recipe for Plain in Pigna. The recipe lists the ingredients in Rumantsch and English, so you can even learn a little Rumantsch while cooking 😉 Ingredienzas: 800 […]

Strudel from the German Minority in Hungary

We at YEN are very sorry that we are all going to miss this years Easter Seminar due to the Coronavirus. But hopefully you are all staying healthy and are taking good care of yourself. To do this and maybe look back on the Kick-Off GJU (German minority in Hungary) has shared with us a […]

Green bean soup from the Russian Germans

Ingredients 1-2 bay leaves Salt 1 kg of potatoes 1 glass of cream or milk Butter 200g flour 400g green beans An onion A carrot Soup vegetables   Wash the beans and divide them into four. Boil them in salted water for about 15 min. Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes and boil […]

Sûkerbôle – sugar bread

Looking for a little something for you sweet tooth? The West Frisians from FYK, have shared with us the perfect thing – Suûkerbôle. Super delicious and easy to make, it is just the right thing to impress your friends with. 500 g flour 10 g salt  3 g cinnamon 3 tablespoons of ginger sap and […]

“Øllebrød” – Bread Soup

In the morning there is nothing better than starting your day with a nice warm bowl of porridge. One variation that is very popular with the German minority in Denmark is Øllebrød. As breakfast or a snack- øllebrød is always a win. Ingredients: 150g dark whole grain bread 200 ml light beer or water 1 […]

Christmas stollen from the Lausitz – from the Sorbs

300g raisins (pickled in alcohol) 375g flour 4 teaspoons baking powder 125g sugar 1 vial of vanilla flavouring 1 pinch cinnamon or gingerbread spice 200g curd 150g butter 200g ground almonds 1 egg 190g candied lemon peel 1 marzipan block   Mix all ingredients. Shape the dough into loaves and bake at 180° top and […]