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Voices of Europe 2012 in concert

This year Voices of Europe – the yearly summer project of YEN – took place from 5. till 12. August in Željezno/Eisenstadt. It closed with a great concert in Veliki Borištof/Großwarasdorf (Burgenland, Austria). The host of this year was the member organization HAK – the Hrvatski akademski klub. About 30 participants from different European minorities […]

Boardmeeting in Vienna

From the 2.- 5. August 2012 the YEN-Board had a meeting in Vienna. During the meeting the board worked on the upcoming and last events. Here, among other things, the Youth Leader Seminar from 9. – 14. October in Gdańsk/Poland, the completed project “office Berlin” and not to forget the EUROPEADA 2012 in Bautzen. After […]

EUROPEADA 2012 – Get the spirit!

The hosts of the tournament – the Lusatian Sorbs – raised articularly cheers. The closing event started immediately after the last two games for the first four places, were played. The German speaking minority of South Tirol became champions this year, as well as in tournament of 2008, which was held by the Romansh minority […]

Teambuilding in Berlin

From 27th- 29th April, the new and old YEN – Boardmembers met in Berlin for the Teambuilding. Here, the old Boardmembers introduced the new elected persons into their work and herewith officially handed over their posts. Moreover, on Saturday, 28th April the first Boardmeeting of the new YEN- Board took place. Here, in addition to […]

Board-meeting in Vienna

From the 24 – 26 th of February 2012 the YEN board and office had a meeting in Vienna. During the meeting we discussed the last preparation steps of the Easter Seminar in South Tyrol/Italy, worked out the agenda of the general assembly in five weeks and prepared the documents for this event. Next to […]

Boardmeeting in Berlin

From the 4-6th of November 2011 the YEN-Board had a meeting in Berlin. The location was chosen by the board and Éva Penzes (office) in order to get an overview of the city, the infrastructure and conditions, as we consider to establish an office of YEN in Berlin. This was mentioned during the “Council of […]

Youth Leader Seminar 2011 in Bautzen

For this year’s Youth Leader Seminar from 14th to 20th October, the YEN was guest of the Sorbian youth organization PAWK in Bautzen / Budyšin. The local people lovingly call Bautzen “The city of many towers,” and so we spent a week in a castle-like hostel in the old town. This week’s slogan was “VolunTEAR?” […]

Youth of European Nationalities in China

Sebastian Seehauser, president of Youth of European Nationalities (YEN), represented the European minorities at the EU China youth panel. From the 8th to the 16th of august a delegation of 100 European juveniles from all the EU member countries met at the EU China youth panel in Shenzhen, China. The 22 year old from Bolzano […]

Exchange “Seven Senses of Kashubia” hosted by the Kashubians (Poland)

After the preparatory meeting in June, which already has been reported, an international exchange in the Kashubian Ostrzyce near Gdansk was held from 21 to 28 August 2011. Unfortunately the Finnish youth from Sweden (RSN) couldn’t participate as planned, instead the new established Breton organization “A denn Askell” participated in the project. Alongside them the […]