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YEN Training on Youth Participation in Belgrade

YEN has started the year of 2016 with the amazing Kick-Off Training “Opening Doors. It took place in Belgrade, Serbia from 16-21th of February. For the first time in history a YEN event was hosted by our member organization “Lunjina” – the Aromanian Youth Council of Serbia. More than 20 participants from 14 different minorities […]

1st YEN Training for Trainers organized

YEN started its first Training for Trainers from the 22nd – 28th of June 2015, in Berlin-Grünau, which is outside of the city centre and surrounded by a forest and the Long Lake. This venue was perfect to give a lot of space to the 10 motivated participants. The aim of the Training for Trainers […]

Easter Seminar “Awakening the Identity” 2015 in Tulcea

This year’s YEN Easter Seminar 2015 with the headline “Awakening the Identity” took place from the 28th March until the 3rd April in Tulcea, Romania. Our member organisation CTArm and their fellow Aromanian/ Vlach minority organisations were a friendly host for around 80 participants, who were lucky enough to enjoy a delightful portfolio of trips, […]

World Forum for Democracy 2014

The World Forum for Democracy 2014 gathered about 200 young people from all over Europe to debate current issues like the situation of the European youth and its role as multipiers for democracy and citizen participation. The Forum took flace from 31.10.-06.11. in Straßbourg. Stere Stamule (Vice- President for Finances) took part on behalf of […]

Youth Leader Seminar 2014 in Switzerland

The member organizations of YEN met this fall, from the 7. – 12. of October at the Giuventetgna Rumantscha (GiuRu) in the Romansh La Punt Charmues – ch (CH). During these days approximately 70 participants stayed in the local pathfinder home. The working groups for communication, politics and member integration used the Youth Leader Seminar […]

25. Congress of Ethnic Minorities in Carinthia

From the 29th September to the 1st of October 2014 three YEN Board members, Matic Germovšek Ž.(President), Angel Nikolov (Chair of the YLC) and Rejzka Lipičec (Convenor for Communication), represented YEN at the 25th European Minority Congress in Celovec/ Klagenfurt and Vrba/Velden in Carinthia, Austria. The main title of the congress was “Understanding the past […]

Board Meeting in September 2014

From the 5th- 7th of September 2014 we held our Board Meeting in Koljnof/ Kópháza (Hungary). Following the invitation of Hak – Hrvatski akademski klub (Kroatischer Akademikerklub) we combined it with the annual festival Dan Mladine, the Burgenland- Croatian youth organizes. The aim was, to introduce our work and YEN as an organization itself to […]

Roma Strategy start up in Ohrid/ Macedonia

This summer we had the pleasure to organize an event, which consisted of 2 parts. Some of you may know the popular “Voices of Europe” from the past already. This year it was linked to the “30 years of Roma Rights”. On tour with us to Macedonia was also our Minority Flag. Including 80 participants […]

Study Visit at “Lunjina”- the Aromanians in Serbia

On the 9th, 12th and 13th of July 2014, YEN- President Matic Germovšek and Vice President Stere Stamule went on a study visit to our Aromanian/ Vlach member organization “Lunjina” in Belgrade/SR. First meeting with Marin Bodrožić and Ljiljana Nikolajević, who already participated in YEN events, they made a historical city tour through Belgrade and […]