Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Jugendorganisationen in Rumänien – ADJ (Germans in Romania)

address: str. Gen. Magheru 1-3

place: RO-550185 Sibiu

phone: +40 256 499221

fax: +40 256 499221





The goals of ADJ are the representation of the interests of young Germans in Romania and the support for the German minority through youth work. The goals and the activities of ADJ are connected to those of the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania (DFDR). That is why ADJ aims at a close cooperation with DFDR.
For the implementation of its goals ADJ can organise whatever activities possible (for example cultural events, seminars, meetings, training courses, publicity, social work), which lead to an improvement of the situation of the members and are in compliance with the legislation of the Romanian state, the statutes as well as the rules of procedure of ADJ.


The German minority in Romania is divided among five different regions of the country. The Siebenburgen Saxons live in the central part of the country since the 12th century. The Banat Swabians and the Banat mountain Germans came in the 18th century to the west of Romania. These are the two largest groups of Germans in Romania. Other German groups on Romanian territory are the Sathmarswabians (northwest Romania), and the Bukovina-Germans (north-east Romania).
The Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania is the association that represents the interests of the complete German population of Romania.