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Humans of YEN – Diana‏ Jurkovits

admin-ajax-phpHi, my name is Diana and I’m a Burgenland Croat from Austria!

Through the past two years I have established great and important friendships through YEN, which have continued until now. The cultural exchange between the minorities and the people, the fun we have and the new travel destinations are the things I value the most in YEN. At the Diversity Festival for instance, I enjoy to sing together in my workshop, to learn new songs, as well as teaching other people Burgenland Croatian songs.

Picture: SF Media

Humans of YEN – Kristin Heelemann

admin-ajax-phpWitaj, I am Kristin Heelemann and I’m a Sorb from Germany.

I think that youth participation is important for my own and other minorities because the search for your own identity plays a big role here, especially for young people. By organising projects for our own  minorities we try to give young people the possibility to experience and test a sense of community and also to offer them some orientation. In this process self-reflection is a central element. Youth exchanges with other minorities, organised by YEN, are also a great tool to reflect upon your own situation; which makes the path clear for new perspectives and can be a helping hand to find your own identity.

Humans of YEN – Fani Maja

Hi! My name is Fani Maha and I’m Vlach/Aromanian from Macedoniaadmin-ajax-php

The participation in this youth organization has several benefits for my minority as well as for me personally. It is a great place to present the culture of the Aromanians living in Macedonia, to share my culture and to let the majority of the people find out about my roots and where I am coming from. Also, this organization has taken me to a whole new level of gaining experience and meeting with people who are in the same position as me. I’ve met with Aromanians who live in Romania, Aromanians who live in Albania, and we discussed about the issues we are facing, comparing the situations in our countries, and finding solutions together. This organization has proved to me that no matter where are you coming from, you deserve to be respected and appreciated for your values as an individual, and we can all live together as one! Thank you YEN for everything! 😀

Humans of YEN – Tekla Matoricz

admin-ajax-phpMy name is Tekla Matoricz and I am Hungarian German.

I love YEN because it is important for me to know that other minorities may be battling similar challenges, but that there are nonetheless always young people across Europe who are not afraid to take on these difficult issues.

And without YEN of course I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful, lovely and special people, neither would I have gotten this enormous amount of friends from different countries. I am grateful for all the experiences that YEN, its member organisations and members gave me, and for those that no doubt still lie in the future.