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Humans of YEN – Patrik, Sona & Simona

admin-ajax-phpOur names are Patrik Lompart, Sona Lompartona und Simona Rindašova. We are from the German Minority in Slovakia.

Its always great to meet new minorities and their traditions and culture. Through the JEV Events, we establish new contacts and friendships.

Humans of YEN – Maurus Bundi

admin-ajax-phpMy name is Maurus Bundi and I’m from rhaeto-romance minority in Switzerland.

The thing I always look most forward to is to meet people again and get to know new people. A very valuable Part of the JEV Events is thus to meet new people and establish friendships across Europe.

Humans of YEN – Alexandru Nicolae Bujicu

admin-ajax-phpMy name is Alex and I am a Vlach from Romania.

Our community is facing several political problems in Romania, about which people from all of Europe have to be informed. YEN is the best answer for that. YEN is also important to me because through YEN, I have the chance to learn more about how other minorities act to preserve their cultural identity. Furthermore having the chance to speak Armâneasthi with friends who are living in other countries – such as Albania, Macedonia and Serbia – is priceless!

Humans of YEN – Özlem Etdöger

admin-ajax-phpMy name is Özlem Etdöger and I’m from the Kurdish minority.

I was motivated to pariticpate in the Diversity Festival because I have the chance to meet other minorities from Europe. The more we connect and support each other, the louder and more colourful we are. Only in this way we can get stronger, and fight for the same goal – to be visible and accepted!

Humans of YEN – Lena Friederike Merve Baute

admin-ajax-phpMy name is Lena Friederike Merve Baute and I’m from the Danish minority in Germany.

YEN is important to me because of thousands and one reasons. I love the people who gather around and stand up for YEN and our values. I love all the culture and diversity that is united in YEN and makes it such an unique organisation.

And I’m greatful for all the opportunities YEN has given me and how I’m valued as an individual.

Thank you, dear YEN family!