Meet our newest Member Organisation: DM+

During the last General Assembly of YEN on 10th of October, we have welcomed a new addition to our network – the organisation of Slovenes in Italy, DM+. We asked them to present themselves, so that you can get to know them better.


DM+ is a newly born organisation. Our intent is to form a generation of capable, motivated and skilled youth that could contribute to developing our minority.

Our board consists of nine people between the ages of 20 and 35. We cooperate with the Youth of the Slovenian minority that lives in the border area between Italy, Slovenia and Austria.

Our main activities are training events, where young people can learn various skills and competences. The majority of the workshops are in Slovenian.

We set as our goal the provision of the means to develop and establish economic activities which would help the development of our minority.

Joining YEN is a big opportunity for us to provide our members with the opportunity to feel the European dimension. We are convinced that exploring new countries and meeting new people are essential in personal development. Meeting new people helps us in understanding different points of view.

YEN’s seminars represent an opportunity for us to take part at highly rated trainings and educational activities which will provide us with the know-how and the skills to have a positive impact on the young people of our minority. YEN is also a youth-led organisation and it inspires every young person that discovers it. Moreover, it lets the most interested choose if they want to join YEN’s board or working groups, making it an incredible learning experience.