1st YEN Training for Trainers organized

YEN started its first Training for Trainers from the 22nd – 28th of June 2015, in Berlin-Grünau, which is outside of the city centre and surrounded by a forest and the Long Lake.

This venue was perfect to give a lot of space to the 10 motivated participants. The aim of the Training for Trainers was to teach youngsters how to design a training session and seminars. Two senior trainers and two junior trainers provided a good learning atmosphere for the participants. However, the senior and junior trainers threw the participants in at the deep end by letting them design their own workshop right from the start. This was a challenge for all participants, but they learned a lesson that it can be hard and at the same time fun to be a trainer.

“Edutainment” was the keyword for the training. The participants learned with non-formal education methods how to organize a workshop in an entertaining and at the same time in an educational way.

The 10 participants went home with a bag full backed with Non-formal education tools that they can implement at their home organisation or at other YEN events.

Thanks to the organizers of YEN, the trainers and the participants for a great edutaining time as well as to the EYF for the support of the training!