Youth Leader Committee Meeting in Denmark

Once Germany now Denmark: Nordschleswig, home of the German minority in Denmark. Their youth organisation, the Junge SPitzen were hosting the Youth Leader Committee (YLC) “Be minority – Think big!” from 12th-16th February 2013. The YLC exists of the 3 Working Groups and the Board of YEN.

The Deutsche Nachschule offered a good accommodation. A Nachschule is a special school, which reminds of a “boarding school”, with students from 9th and 10th class. During the official opening the headmaster of the Deutsche Nachschule Tingleff, Jørn Warm, gave the participants a glimpse into the special Danish school model. It is a private educational institution, which offers more than just courses. A Nachschule focuses on the overall development of each student. It is a great opportunity for students from 15-17 years – who live together in the Nachschule – to develop personally through a different way. It is about getting to know new people and new friends, get a more grown-up relationship with their parents and doing fun recreational activities.

For the participants of the YLC, it was an inspired place to be, in order to work on new and old projects. The Working Group on Politics worked on the topic of the Structured Dialogue, social inclusion and upcoming conferences. The WG on Communication worked on a new YEN flyer, an info folder and the newsletter. But they also worked on the update of the YEN logo, which will be presented at the Easter Seminar. With regard to the huge amount of tasks, the WG was happy about the support of Kira Nissen (Junge SPitzen) and Hendrik Jonker (FYK). The WG on Enlargement dealt with the upgrading of the newbie program for the seminar participants and guests, who do not know the YEN yet. The group also thought about how to reach and wake up sleeping member organizations. On Thursday, 14.2., FUEN Director Jan Diedrichsen presented the state of affairs of the planned European Citizens´ Initiative, in which the YEN will participate regarding preparation and implementation.

The YLC was also a good chance to do some sightseeing in Nordschleswig. The participants went by bus to Sonderburg/Sønderborg to visit the University of Southern Denmark built in 2007. In order to inhale some culture and history of Nordschleswig the participants visited the “Deutsches Museum Nordschleswig” hosted by Hauke Grella. He did a great presentation and as a reward he was invited to the mini exchange market at the Nachschule.

The Junge SPitzen showed great organization skills, and gave us the possibility to spend nice days with good working conditions while having a lot of fun!